Can I tell you a secret?  

We just recorded a new album, and I want you to part of it!  

-- Vote on your favorite tracks. . . -- Help me design the cover. . . -- Listen to the whole thing before we launch. . . -- Get a live serenade. . .

I believe this distilled collection of songs sounds like life. Because this album includes contemplation, struggle, tenderness and celebration. And the intention behind every song is to put you in touch with something greater than yourself.  

As always, half the songs are in Hebrew, half are in English, because we refuse to draw lines between faith and life. We celebrate both.  

For the first time, my band and I recorded these songs LIVE. Not pieced together separately. Not edited for perfection. But all in the now, to honor the trust, synergy and sound that we share. And I’m confident you’ll sense that in every song.


The Track List  

Lekha Dodi--My twist on the traditional prayer that welcomes the Shabbat bride.  

Odekha (Psalm 118)--A divine delivery of vocal and piano inspiration.

Somebody--On giving, receiving and the Creativity Loop of full expression.  

Blanket of Stars--A pause to ponder and celebrate the mystery of the universe.  

Ahavti (Psalm 116)--Amidst difficulty, we can always turn to the Divine for help.  

Ein Yoter Shalem-- Remember: there is nothing more whole or more empathetic than a broken heart.  

Don't Put it Back Together (Slow Version)--How I learned to reach for something out of sight, rather than the familiarity of the past.  

Here I Am--A song about struggle and fear and finding the strength to come back.  

Mizmor L'David (Pslam 23)--An old song of mine--circa 1996--reimagined for today, offering both introspection and vitality.  

Can you tell that I’m full of love for this music and for you? It’s true! That’s why I’m inviting you into the circle. Not just as a listener, but as a contributor. Are you in?  

Level One: Believer $20 Level Two: Groupie $50 Level Three: Devotee $100  

LEVEL ONE: Believer $20  

All of these cool offerings:

  • A bootlegged copy of the new album before the official release 
  • Sneak peek at music videos before their official release
  • Album updates as we move through the process
  • Bonus track: You are My Angel  

LEVEL TWO: GroupieK$50 

All of Believer, plus...  

  • An Official Vote on album artwork, sound and title
  • Digital downloads of 3 albums including This Road (not for sale)
  • Invitation to the Julie's Private Facebook Group 
  • Behind-the scenes videos from the music studio
  • Chance to win a Customized Care Package from Julie in Israel (or a Trader Joe's run if you live in Israel)!
  • BONUS: One-time songwriting class

LEVEL THREE: Devotee $100  

Everything mentioned, plus...  

  • A Serenade of your Favorite Song from yours truly (video call!) 
  • Digital download of the complete Julie Geller collection 
  • Curated Playlist of Julie’s favorite songs 
  • Homemade recording of the ghost track Morning Comes Again